Bengalis in Denmark

Durga pujo, Robi Thakur, Feluda, Football, and these words define your childhood? while the bright youth in you have spend endless enlightening "ADDA" sessions talking anything and everything under the sun, punctuating with cha chops or tele bhaja, Macher jhol is something you still relish?? then you surely ,purely ,and quintessentially are a BONG!! and that`s what we "BENGALIS IN DENMARK" celebrate here..we connect on the notes of Love and our roots, a strong culture..catered from both ends of GANGA and PADMA...this community is to celebrate Love and Bangaliana, durga pujo , saraswati pujo and much more...if your hearts still beats the chords of nostalgia, feel free to join us we rekindle `` the Bangali`` amidst us miles and miles away from home.... as tagore rightly put this in his golden words...
"কোন্ পুরাতন প্রাণের টানে ছুটেছে মন মাটির পানে॥
চোখ ডুবে যায় নবীন ঘাসে, ভাবনা ভাসে পুব-বাতাসে--"
if you are not or have never been intoduced to the essence of bangaliana..we would be more than happy to have you as well in our above all we celebrate Humanity and joy!
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