Bennington online garage sale

This group is a free and easy way to list items you have to sell without the hassle of garage sales and/or to find things you are looking for. Please feel free to post items you have for sale and the general location.

No selling anything illegal here,

You may also post any garage/yard sales that you are having. Make sure to include date/time and location of the sale.

Please be reminded that this is public and on the web, so use common sense when posting. Do NOT spam the group- it will be deleted. Any inappropriate, offensive, or just plain rude comments and posts will be removed. Suggest this group to friends. The larger it is, the more likely you are to sell your stuff and find stuff you are looking for.

Posts will be removed when they are a month old, so if something is still available, feel free to make a new post every week or so. Also, if your item is gone or you found what you needed, comment to your post to let everyone know or just remove the whole post. I'd like to keep the wall as up-to-date and tidy as possible.

Please, do not be rude! Do not post your opinion! Do not criticize others!

Buyer beware! Be sure what you are buying works and is as described before giving someone your hard-earned cash. Also, anyone caught ripping people off will be banned.
Thank you!\

update 8/9/3013

recently I've noticed more spam post ,,, I don't mind local people candle party,Avon or similar sale company dealer posting as long as buyer can meet face to face,,,, But lately i'm seeing job opportunity ads and long distance sales, Beware those post are deleted and the member is permanently banned

In the past there were some issues to animals being sold or re homing animals on the site ,,, vote went to the group and it was voted to allow sales and such to continue on the site which i was glad to see,,, again would like to see sales or re homing local or with in reasonable traveling distance,,,, THIS IS A PET FRIENDLY SITE,,, i commend shelters for the work that they are capable of doing but not a believer in just dropping your pets over to a shelter again i'm asking people to keep their personal feels off the site, If there is a issue someone feels a post is wrong for this site pls feel free to contact me if there is wrong doing it will be dealt with immediately , Me personally had a wonderful dog join our family,we were lucky to see on fb and traveled from n.carolina