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For those who love scuba diving or freediving. Share a story, as...k a question, find out what's new, make plans for trips, and more.

This group does not affiliate itself with any dive organization or shop.

The Rules:

Administrators also known as Admins

1) Posts must be related to Scuba, free diving, nautical, or marine.

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3) Any excessive Ad post will be removed. (Determined by the admins)

4) If you have Scuba related equipment, clothing or gear that you want to sell or buy please go to Scuba Groups Sell & Trade FaceBook Page:

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6) Any member can add members, however an admin must approve. This is just to keep out spammers.

7) Any member can post to the group. So please post!!!

8) Any member can post to the group via email.

9) If you feel a post violates these rules please make attempts to mitigate complaints with admins.

10) Repeated violations (determined by the admins) of the rules will result in removal from the group.

11) Admins reserve the right to remove any member and/or post at any time for any reason.



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Admins are: Mike Booger, Jim Mayo, Sarah Crrn, Jason Feldt, Anyu Chang, Stacia Greene, Derrick Chapman, Angelique Martin, Kristi Chapman, Barri Gardner Copete, Larry Leone, Timothy Allen Dean, Stacia Greene, Kelly Narkoesis

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