Benedictine University Kiva Club

The chief mission of Kiva Club at Benedictine University is to empower less fortunate entrepreneurs across the world with generous micro-finance loans accumulated by the Benedictine community. Additionally, Kiva Club strives to fulfill the Benedictine heritage by honoring the principles of respect for human life, equality, and dignity.

Each Benedictine University student is a global citizen, and as a global citizen, it is vital to acknowledge that 1/3 of the world population is surviving well below the poverty line. With that knowledge there comes a social responsibility to assist the less fortunate and provide aid so that they may be empowered to fulfill their ambitious goals and achieve a means to their own end.

President: Roman Mohammed
Vice-President: Jalen Isabell
Secretary: Rachel Scianna
Treasurer: Faraz Jaleel
Public Relations Representative: Hassan Khan