Biz-biz @ Singapura

@@@@ BUDGET @@@@

May your biz grow & prosper.

Please note membership is free...however in order to increase no. of members &
at the same time need to manage the group effectively & productively for you, we require your full support.

To make the group attractive & vibrant with activities, we will be organising contests, seminars/talk, sharing session, events eg booth, bazzar et.
This is to entice buyers to stay in the group...because we do not want only sellers in the group, we want quality buyers too.

For all business owners and advertisers, please voluntarily contribute S$20 to our group advertisers fund.
The funds will cover some of administrative costs, organising promotional events, organise flea market, gifts for simple contest etc.

1.S$20 per year ([email protected] & Asia's Biggest Biz Group)

2.All contribute nominal fees S$20
+ add 50 FB members

Please online (i-banking) or ATM transfer S$20 to POSB Saving Account
ATM POSB Saving Account : 083-34504-7
Once transfered, please pm us the receipt ref no.

Admins are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any of the contents posted by members
and dealings between members in the group. It is SOLELY between seller and buyer.

Admins reserve the right to DELETE any irrelevant/offending posts without prior
notice (including removal of the member from this group).

The contribution of S$20 is voluntarily.
We respect any member who do not wish to contribute & do not wish to be involved in any of the group activities eg. contest, seminar/talk/sharing session or events.

Biz-Biz @ Singapura
Asia's Biggest Biz Group