SIMPLE RULES: All of us have different skills, insights, services and experience when it comes to marketing. Marketing Secrets when shared can impact lives and change destinies. From business coaching to copywriting from Adwords to Blogging from direct main to membership sites, lets make this a place of phenomenal sharing and discovery.

Okay, Here Are the Rules:

1. NO Pitching [Your own products or affiliate links]
2. No Profanity - keep things polite and professional
3. No Racism
4. No Sexism
2. NO JV/Webinar invitations/announces/requests/posts
3. NO "review my site/lander" requests (be specific w/questions)
4. NO Trash Talking! (No posts, Programs...nothing)
5. No uploading files without first asking and getting approval. And no sharing files you do not have the rights or copyright to.
7. NO Pea-cocking! (keep your ego in check please)
8. NO PM Spamming other members
9. NO Antagonists or "Haters" allowed
10. No putting anyone down - you might not agree with someones opinion but that is no reason to humiliate them.
11. Do encourage!
12. Do inspire!

So, what marketing, coaching, advertising or business secrets do you have to share today?