Bharat Nirman Sena

Bharat Nirman Sena is a campaign started by the NGO, Bharat Nirman Trust (Regd.), with the aim to work for the betterment of the society and nation as whole. Our vision and ideology aims towards to work on the root causes of all the major ills our nation is facing today. Whatever problems our country is facing, whether it is corruption, unemployment, poverty, cultural pollution, etc., we’ll work to eradicate them from their roots so that our coming generation can live in the pure environment with love, peace and prosperity.

Our Objective includes:

• To implement substantial measures to improve the condition of poor farmers in the rural areas, which will not only decrease the poverty but will also create more employment opportunities in the agricultural sectors.

• To work to let govt. add “Reject all” button on the voting machine to prevent corrupt & criminal background candidates to enter politics.

• To work to spread Nationalism & message of Communal Harmony.

• To organize coaching classes for poor students to help them to face the competitive exams and vocational education classes to make them self-dependent.

• To work for women empowerment to protect their social rights in the society & to help them to protect their self respect.

• To give volunteer services & co-operations to other NGOs.

• To fight against corruption & to take steps to improve the system from its roots.

Code of Conduct for all members -

1) Not to post any Hate speech or anything that is against the communal harmony or hurts religious beliefs of any community.

2) Not allowed to use abusive language or defamatory photos, posts or comments against any individual or body.

3) Not to make false, derogatory statement(s) in private or public about a person's business practices, character, financial status, morals, or reputation.

4) Not allowed to hurt anyone's private information or to hurt anyone personally.

5) Not to impersonate anyone.

6) No advertising, only informative posts that are relevant to our Motto are allowed. Anything irrelevant, time-passing will not be allowed.

7) Must respect National Security as per govt. of India laws and guidelines

8) Pornographic & indecent contents are strictly prohibited.

9) Not to spam your links of Facebook pages, profiles, groups & personal websites.

10) Personal information like photo, phone no, email id etc are not allowed to post on group.

11) To respect & follow the guidelines as per law of Govt. of India.

If you find anyone breaking rules please report this to our admins.

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Mail your problems to our email at - [email protected]

President - Chetan Singh Deora
Vice President - Pranay Shukla
General Secretary - Rajeshwari Peddirajula


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