B-bay -Buying and Selling Second hand stuffs in Bhutan

B-Bay is place where smart business happens. Stop wasting money on New things- B-Bay might have the right thing you want at lowest rate possible, stop wasting resources by discarding your used stuffs- Bring them on Bbay bhutan . Sometimes, somewhere, someone might want to buy exactly the same thing you are going to sell... you are happy...that someone is happy...

However, since we are not involved directly, we warn you to be cautious when it comes to doing business with unknown people. There are hundreds of frauds looking for victims.

B-Bay will facilitate as a platform where users will advertise and users will take those deal at their will... B-Bay will not take credit or responsibility of successful or unsuccessful deal!

B-Bay is a goodwill platform for business and therefore it cannot be misused either by members or by admin for promotion of radical ideas. In such cases admin will use the liberty to ban the member from ever participating in B-Bay affairs.

B-Bay bans brokers from participating in our group because we want you to do business on your own. We present to you the platform where you can be your own business agent without having to waste money on middlemen.

Hope BBay helps you...