BICOL DAT'ers (strictly for this area only)

This group shall be known as Dinn Arken Tolentino Group, hereinafter referred to as the DAT’ers.


1.NO PHOTO/VIDEO POLICY:Posting of nude photos, videos that depicts nudity and or sexually abusive will be automatically banned. This is a clean and decent social group and its not a WHOREHOUSE. we have our OPEN SOCIAL HOME GROUP FOR BI EXPLORER where you can express/expose:

1.Wall posting, comments should not contain BAD WORDS.
a). Any person/account seen with such foul words are warned for 2 times only by admins.
b.The person/account posting on wall with foul word on its comment shall be liable to inform admins and must erase it right away.

2.There should not be a postage about ONLINE BUSINESS and FOR SALES on this wall, account seen with this would be warned and right away be advised to erase the said post. Ignoring the warning permits the admins to delete your posts.

3.Flooding and monopolizing the group page is prohibited. Self regulation is encouraged.

4.All post are subject for approval. unrelated/unnecessary posts/photos are subject for deletion.

5.Any miscommunication should be talked democratically with person involved in private message or pm.

6.Removal of person shall be advised to all members by admins for transparency. Second chance is always open for banned members within certain conditions from admins.

7.All post should at least be labeled accordingly/appropriately on above topics.

NOTE. This policy is subject for change for the good of the group. Only posted rules are being implemented. All members are welcome to suggest to revise or amend the group policy.