Expedition Bicycle Touring

......"A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss".......
(A Person who does not Settle in one Place will accumulate
wealth, status, responibilites, or commitments)


Dedicated to those People who tread off the
beaten path. Adventurers who enjoy the outdoors,
and take every Advantage of Experiencing the World
around them:

So All is Welcome on this Group on facebook:
Expedition Bicycle Touring and Bicycle Touring
and On/Off-Road Bicycle Touring,
Stealth Bike Camping
and Stealth Camping and Information
on Bicycle Touring Gear and Camping gear,
and Bicycle Parts for Bicycle Touring is
Welcome here....

Whether your fancy is long day or Entire Season on the

If you plan your Years around trips that you'll take,
If you judge a road by it's shoulder and it's solitude,
and do not judge the book by the cover....
and if you've tried to explain it to your family,
but they do not understand, and they still do not
know what you are talking about then you are in
the right place to be, and if you think that there's
nothing better then seeing the Earth from the
saddle of a bicycle, then you're in the right place on
earth, never give up!

Post about local routes, trips you've taken,
trips you what to take, and everything
the makes Bicycle Touring great...

If you have a Tips on Cycling Gear, Camping gear,
Bicycle Repair, Water Tips, Food Tips,
Stealth Camping, Bugout, DIY Survival Skills, Etc
it is all welcome here......ADMINS

"Leave No Trace!....."

"How to Shit in the Woods....."
Tips and Tricks by Kathleen Meyer

"HOBO=HOmeward BOund" see more at

Expedition Bicycle Touring= Fully Loaded Bicycle Touring: