Bangladesh Internet Marketing Professional Association (BIMPA)

Bangladesh Internet Marketing Professional Association (BIMPA) is a group of people working or interested in the internet marketing industry of Bangladesh. This is a group for learning, collaboration, and interaction among the internet marketing professionals in Bangladesh as well as various internet marketing professionals and celebrities around the world.

General Disclaimer: This group is not intended for promotion. And there is no promise of "Get Rich Quick" in internet marketing. Internet Marketing is just like any other sweat shedding career. If you are planning to make money without any shortcut, welcome to our group.

Before you post anything please read this:

:::: Posts ALLOWED in this group ::::

* Posts that genuinely help others, tips, strategies, blog articles or information
* A latest news/discussion about a hot topic (closely related/effects IMers)
* Festival greetings/congratulations
* News/Event details related to this industry
* A genuine question/ask for feedback

Please try to write your posts in English as there are many participants in this group who are foreigners.

:::: Posts NOT ALLOWED in this group ::::

* Posts that say get followers, get likes, get rich, earn money (your affiliate link)
* Posts that are not related to internet marketing like latest fashion, jewelry, food etc
* Posts about religion, politics or ethnic hate (nope this is not the place to discuss)
* Posts that express hate/depression/despair
* Excessive self promotion/website promotion/asking for views or shares
* Posts related to scams, hyip, and "Get Rich Quick"
* Posts that add no such value to the group and is of no interest to the group (e.g. a Pizza Hut coupon announcement would be better for a food lovers group, not this one)
* Posts with false information/theories
* We do encourage relevant job posting. But, we advise people to communicate with job posters at their own risk and do proper due diligence.
* Sharing premium resources for free or providing paid software link download
* Links to contents that needs sign up and engagements to read.

There are post moderation. Admins holds the right to choose which posts to allow in the group. If any member keeps posting unallowed posts repeatedly, s/he will either get warning or banned by an admin without any warning.

If you believe your post was useful but mistakenly interpreted as spam, then please contact any of the admins to fix this issue.

The next thing you should do here is go through the docs.

For complete beginners ->

Though this group is intended for Bangladeshis all around the globe, this is a truly global group. Use of Bangla is never discouraged. However, we strongly discourage hate speech targeting specific ethnic groups or counties. We strongly encourage sound global discussions and any sort of hate speech targeting global audience will not be tolerated.