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When Club Members use social networking sites, personal web
pages/personal space provided by Internet providers and Internet presence,
such as Facebook, My Space, MSN, Twitter, Blogs and/or similar sites which
make available personal views to the general public, the following rules apply:
• You must not discuss Club related issues on such sites.
• You are to avoid bringing the Club into disrepute and must not use your
site to attack, abuse or make derogatory comments about the Club, its
members, or the Club’s elected committee.
• You must not reveal information which is confidential to the Club.
• You must not reveal information which is confidential to Club Members.
• You must not include contact details or photographs of Club Members,
and/or members of the Committee without their permission. Displaying
a photograph of a person without their permission, could be a form of
If you are asked by the Committee to:
• remove reference to the Club or its Members from such internet pages;
• remove a photograph containing Club Members,
you should do so at your earliest opportunity and specifically within any time
scale issued to you by the Committee.
Failure to adhere to the above could result in formal disciplinary action being
taken, which could result in the termination of your membership.