Birdwatchers India

Birding group without rules or regulations. For birdwatchers, specifically, about birdwatchers. About the birds of India, birding, birdwatching, conservation of the birds and bird habitats of India, birdwatching groups, bird research, ornithology, avian biology and bird photography.

Absolutely prohibited - nesting birds, nests, chicks, juveniles, fledglings, nestlings. Anybody posting such photographs will be immediately banned and the photographs would be removed.

Guidelines –
There are several other groups for other related interests, such as expert photographers, commercial artists, general nature lovers, organic farmers etc. This group is to encourage birdwatchers by strengthening their network in India.

1. All members - please include (a) name of species (b) location, specific location, if in a general area, and (c) month and /or date of photograph instead of 'today' or 'yesterday'. These details would be useful to other members and birders and will also be useful to those who would want to study distribution and ecology or behaviour.
2. Please post your photographs on this group page and give a link to your photo-collection page or blog page. We encourage that to allow members to share in your expertise and genius. So, please help us by allowing a direct view of the photograph.
3. Please "Post", do not "share".
4. You should be the owner of the picture posted, or you should link or give due credit to the owner with their permission and intent.
5. No spams or advertisements permitted. Violators will be banned.
6. Please motivate those who know less than you do, and appreciate the work of those who help you.
7. Kindly avoid posting information that is known from other sources.
8. Restrict yourself to posting bird photographs taken by you, birdwatching notes of interesting bird records that you may record, or of birding trips that you may have participated in.
9. Please avoid cross-posting - ie do not post the same information in other birding groups. Most birders are members of the popular groups.