NJ/NY/PA/CT Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond EVENT & Community Network

This group is a resource for the birth community use to post their events & classes. Please use this page AND invite your pregnant mothers to join.

This is also a community page to connect with each other and NETWORK!

By networking and promoting the classes and events that resonate with our own work, we can (in each other) have a large marketing ability- and reach a wider audience. Awareness will grow for empowered birth ( and beyond) choices.

If you see something you like posted from another person, share on your own wall or page!

Please see this short video, Blue Ocean Strategy! In true creation, there is never competition, and with our community we can reach more people when working together.


Please keep posts related to pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, postpartum support, woman, parenting, health & wellness.

All are welcome, Birthworkers, Expecting Parents, Parents and...