Group for MS Software Systems BITS Pilani - Oct 2012 Batch.

This group is meant for BITS PILANI MS Oct 2012 Batch. Folks in immediate Senior and Junior batches are welcome.

Kindly share content which is relevant to MS on this group and help each other in understanding the subjects better.

We expect you not to do these things here :

1. Use of abusive and Offensive language is not tolerated under any circumstances.
2. Posting advertisements which are not related to the MS.
3. Gender based & Religion based fights during Discussions.
4. Personal chats done in the group.
5. Pointing out a member's real life incident for self support in the discussions.
6. Posting anything which goes against Indian social/cultural values and triggers further useless discussion.
7. Posting anything which undermines the constitution of India and its basic structure.
8.Treating other group members as lesser human beings, judging and pointing fingers at others and commenting about other's personal traits.
9. Asking Admin of the group for personal information and phone number of some other member.
10. Drinking and Posting irrelevant content under the influence of alcohol.

Do any one of the 10 things mentioned above and you can be removed/banned from the group without any prior intimation or after initial warnings. Although fare chances to justify actions and/or rectifying own's mistakes and reforming own self will be provided to all alike.

Enjoy your time in the group, be professional, behave like matured citizens and lets stay united like a well knit family. Cheers (Y)