Facebay harefield / bitterne

Welcome to our group!, we cover Harefield, Bitterne and all surrounding areas, this page is for buying/selling/requests and giving away items you no longer want or need!

When you are creating a post please add the following - item description (what it is), price, size etc, condition and location, unless you are on a phone please put all your items in an album as otherwise it takes up the wall and isn't fair to other members!

Please allow 12 hours before 'bumping' your post back to the top. The numbers of members is growing by the day and we all have items that we want to sell (or buy) and everyone needs the chance to have their post seen. When someone comments on your post, it will move it back up to the top of the page automatically.

Please use photos of the actual items that you are selling to show the customer what condition the item they are interested in is actually in, rather than using a picture from the internet, but if you have no camera capability you may use an internet picture as long as you state and damage etc to the item, you must be honest in the description of the item!

Rude comments will not be tolerated and shall be deleted promptly and continious rule-breaking will result in the member concerned being removed from the group. Swearing is not permitted, you will get one warning then a temporary ban, if the swearing then continues once reinstated you will be permanently banned from the group!

Please respect the price a person is offering for items posted, please. People have recently been making offers of half the item's price and generally being silly. A few pounds less is one thing but half price is not acceptable! Please respect the sellers decision...... at the end of the day it is the sellers decision what they want to sell their item for.

If you are not interested in an item then please do not make a comment on it!!!!

First to ask should have the right to say yes or no to the item.

Once an item has been sold please remove the post/picture to enable free space on the wall. If you have problems removing an item then please let Admin know.

Also no selling of tobacco or tobacco products, no selling of any weapons whatsoever, including samurai swords and lastly no selling/advertising of animals of any sort as posts will be removed with no warning! UNDER 16 ... YOU CAN BROWSE , BUT NOT BUY PLEASE ASK AN ADULT TO BUY FOR YOU

Thank you for joining the group, have fun buying and selling, and lastly please observe all the rules, thankyou, admin :) x

Linked in with us is : http://clairesdeliciouscakes.weebly.com/index.html