Black and White Academy

Joining this group, you agree to the following rules or you will be banned without prior notice.
Before you complain that your post is deleted, check the Rules first!
If you post nasty or offensive comments your comments will be deleted and you will be banned!
Best thing you can do if you don't like one picture that you see in the group is nothing. Don't express negative comments to avoid to start flames.
Do not write to the admins asking why your pics are not selected or to criticize admin's choices, or other members's pictures.
Do not try to influence admin's choices. Friendship are always welcome if you like photography art, but admin's selections are separated from personal sympathy.
If you do not agree with the policy of the group, please come out.

Best shots posted in this Group will be selected and published in:
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Photos that do not comply with the rules of the group will be deleted without further warning.

1. One or two photos.
- Each member can post one or two photos at maximum per day.
2. One photo per post.
- Only one picture uploaded (no links) in each post.
3. No album.
- Upload your pics directly on the page.
4. No explicit nude, pornography, violence, offensive behaviour against religions, ethnics, persons, groups.
5. No advertising, except in posts allowed by the administrators.
- No links to external pages, sites, Tags, etc.

of the Black and White Academy Group:

- Enzo Iorio (Italy)

This document can not be changed without the consent of the founder of the group.
This Group was founded on July 26, 2013 by Enzo Iorio.