If you are an IT system integrator, AMC service provider, solution provider, providing networking services, value-added system reseller or a system builder into computer assembling and if...

* ...your customers compare you with lowest priced competitor
* acquire new customer by offering lower prices
* ...customers demand higher SLA but are unwilling to pay more
* ...higher and higher cost of are chewing up your profitability
* ...your certified & trained manpower holds you to ransom

... you are about to break free from all of the above with BLACKBOX. With $ 300 billion market of BIG DATA in small enterprises and very few Data Protection Experts focusing on SMB market segment, you can gallop ahead as BLACKBOX Data Expert. As a part of BLACKBOX Data Force, you can...

* Build your brand
* Pitch for new business with an unshakable USP
* Earn premium service charges to improve profitability
* Reduce costs of support and increase profits
* Without technical stress & tantrums of your certified personnel

BLACKBOX : Data On Demand...

...for businesses need data protection; not just backup - restore.