Black Business Owners Network (((BBON)))

About the BBON and Its Goals:

In 2004, Brenda Eason founded the Black Business Owners Network (BBON). The BBON is a network of over 55,000 members worldwide. It’s the central location for the coming together of our people to achieve success in business, by offering a helping hand to one another.

The BBON is also an organization where you will learn to build pride in your race, and learn how to network and partner with one another. You will learn everything that you need to know, in order to be totally self-sufficient, and run your own successful business. It’s time for us to start thinking about leaving a legacy to our children and the generations to come. It’s important to leave them money, but it’s just as important to teach them the knowledge that we learn at the BBON about the power of entrepreneurship.

We have to break the cycle of being totally dependent on working for someone else for our own livelihood. We can do it ourselves. Other races do it and so can we. They come together — And they do it. And that’s what we have to do also. So let’s network; because that is the absolute KEY to running a successful business. Let’s Do It!

* The BBON – It’s a Movement *

Co - facilitator and Co Founder Tina Michelle and Moderator - Brandy Adamson of Alive Magazine