Black Women "DO" Workout!-Georgia State Chapter

The Black Women Do Workout State and International Athletic Fitness Events and Expos encourages, facilitates and maximizes “ALL” Athletic Exercise Awareness, input and participation in every aspects of health and fitness! We offer Seminars, Workshops, Doctor Referral Services, and Fitness Classes like Walking, Jogging, Running Trails, Zumba, Exercise Bootcamps, Spinning, Pilates, Pole, Yoga, Belly and African Dance just to name a few! We are looking to develop your ”STATE CHAPTER” to host events in every city to meet the many city requests that we are getting and are looking for FITNESS EXPERTS to partner with for local events in your area to help spread our message and also develop business for you! Contact our Fitness Director, Jontae Shepherd at [email protected] for more information on partnership opportunities with Thank you!