Follow Your Bliss: Yoga. Tantra. Life.

Follow Your Bliss Community Group, established 2009

We are Toronto's leading edge, community, and hub for affordable and intimate gatherings and services related to:

Yoga & Spirituality
Tantra & Sacred Sexuality
Life: Holistic Wellness.

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All Follow Your Bliss gatherings are hosted by FYB founder, Dee Dussault (when she's visiting, and via skype and webinars!), and by Dee-endorsed facilitators and practitioners.

Our gatherings are potentials to experience a profound connection with yourself and within community. We create play-spaces to explore the potentials for really moving into all aspects of our humanness with love and awareness. This can expand our individual consciousnesses, creating a stable basis for peace and self-love. And, by following our bliss more consistently, we impact the greater whole, of which we are a fundamental part.

Using bliss, self-acceptance, awareness as our guide, people who attend our gatherings become ever-increasingly-sensitive makers of love. Our team of facilitators support people in expanding their capacity to love: Love for self and for our friends and families, love for our world, love for the divine, - for the whole universe.

Our group's gatherings and wellness sessions move our culture towards lasting pleasure, relaxation, and loving- kindness. At this time in global history, it’s essential that more of us dance with others and our environment, - spontaneously, healthfully, and joyously.

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If you would like your related healing-art service, event, class, or workshop to be listed on Follow Your Bliss, please let Dee know.

Together, we co-create sacred spaces for people to practice, play, experience, connect with themselves and others, heal, and remember our divinity.
Juicy Blessings & Namaste!


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