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Dear Members
This group only for Posting Questions.
1. No spam or self promotion allowed.
2. Link(S) related to high-quality articles only allowed here.
3. No personal attack or personal controversy allowed
4. No Facebook Group URL or Facebook Fans Page URL
Because I am really disturbed with the members posting only their blogs links and not posting any questions here. So I've decided to change the group rules.
If you still interest in this group.
You can start posting questions and answering the members questions. Otherwise you leave the group immediately.
I am not bother about that. If you still posting your blog links here. You will be removed from this group almost immediately. You can send your blog posts links for approval. If the post is really worth. Then I give approval. It will appear on this group.
Thanks for your understanding & I request all the members kindly co-operate with me to get this group success.
Yours friendly
Perambur Kumar