Facebook Blues Society

This is a Group Totally dedicated to Blues Music, The Bands & Fans around the world!! Fans & Bands can interact & post about BLUES concerts, festivals & their music from all around the globe. Also bands can post their Songs & Videos. All BLUES fans & Bands are welcome!!

***Blues along with its counterpart Jazz, is the only true American music form.***

***REMEMBER*** if your posting a show or festival near you, to put ticket information, dates, lineup & LOCATIONS! I Cant stress enough about LOCATIONS. People always forget to leave that info! Contact info is helpful as well.***

Posting SPAM, Junk & Advertisements, other than Concerts, Band & Music info will result in being removed & banned from our group. Lets keep our Page free of this JUNK & SPAM... Welcome to our newest members & Enjoy!
& As always, THANK YOU for helping to keep the BLUES alive!!!!