Forex group

Boston Merchant Financial offers instant access to financial instruments around the world including prices on stocks, sectors, indices, currencies, commodities and interest rates.

Whatever and wherever a customer wants to trade, our platforms provide all the tools he/she needs. Online and mobile trading services ensure that our customers are never more than a click or two away from the next trade. And our team of expert dealers and customer service specialists are constantly available to provide personal support to each and every customer.

You can trade thousands of Financial products, Exchange based or Derivatives through your Brokerage Account with Boston Merchant Financial.

Products offered through BMF trading platforms:

Exchange Based Equities

NASDQ, NYSE and other US Exchanges

With BMFS you can buy and sell thousands of U.S. stocks, options, exchange-traded funds and other securities. You can place trades efficiently and affordably through our powerful Trading Platforms, trading tools that are easy to understand and use, and our personalized customer service.

US Treasuries and Corporate Bonds

You’ll also be able to balance your portfolio by investing in a full range of fixed-income securities, including U.S. treasuries, and corporate bonds.

Mutual Funds

You’ll also have access to more than 5,000 mutual funds from well known Fund Companies. If you happen to hold funds at other investment companies that are available through Penson Financial Services you can consolidate those assets and enjoy the convenience of having a single statement.

CFDs on Equities, Stock Indices, Forex, Commodities


Trade CFDs on individual equities and ETFs. And unlike traditional equity investing, you can choose to go long or short.

Stock Indices

For a broader view, choose CFDs on overall stock indices in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. The markets we trade include the UK 100, Wall Street, US TECH 100, Japan 225 and the Germany 30.


Currency trading at Boston Merchant Financial CFDs offers access to over 24 currency pairs.

Precious Metals & Commodities

CFDs also offer a straightforward and cost effective way to trade the price movements of popular commodities such as gold, silver and oil.



BMF offers Direct access to the Exchange Based US Futures.

S&P, DOW, Gold, Silver Oil and many more

With one account you can trade thousands instruments, Commodities and Financial Futures.

Transparent pricing and competitive spreads and margins

Boston Merchant's commitment to fair and transparent prices provides a level of price and execution certainty that is invaluable in CFD trading. The trading platforms provide consistently competitive spreads and margins to ensure that clients of Boston Merchant get the most from their trading.

Streaming tradeable prices through our online and mobile platforms allow you to act on the very latest price movements in real time.
Firm quotes up to Our Size provide certainty that for every CFD market that we trade, we will deal at our quoted prices for any trade within this size.

Our prices track the underlying instruments accurately so you can be sure that your trade will result in the profit (or loss) that you expect. Even in volatile markets we will continue to offer fair prices, and to do everything we can to provide the market access you need to open and close positions when you want to.