BMW NZ Parts/Classifieds/Discussions

A New Zealand Only Dedicated BMW Group

Set up for: BMW Parts Classifieds, BMW Parts Wanted Listings, BMWs for Sale or Wanted, Meet Ups & Events, ETC...

The purpose of this group is to bring together bmw owners and enthusiasts in NZ to allow easier access to parts & knowledge; to help everyone find good deals; and to allow bmw owners to find relevant parts/cars/etc...

You MUST include asking price or an 'or near offer ONO'
No excessive 'bumping' - Once every 12 hours maximum
**No hating on others and their vehicles - Everyone has their own style**
**Go by the age old 'if you don't have something nice to say, then shut up**
No spam
No Non-BMW listings
All classifieds MUST have photos
Proper English MUST be used
Your location MUST be included
No TradeMe links without any written description or photos

There are 4 main admins in this group. If you don't agree with the decisions any admin has made, please send a private message to one of the other admins. Sam Gibbons, Kendrick Bong, Amber-leigh Erasmus and Andy Parkins.

If any of your friends are not able to join they may have been ignored or blocked. In an effort to keep out spammers we screen every joining member. If that person does not have a location or other information on their profile, pictures etc... that suggest they are in New Zealand they may not be added. If this is the case please let an admin know so they can add them in.

If anyone believes they have something worth of 'pinning up' please consult an admin. This could be a meet, track day, business post (short term pin) etc... NB: We will not 'pin up' a private sale item.

** Violators of any of these rules will have their post removed and may be blocked from the page**