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a Group ca...tering to bollywood happenings

Guidelines for Posting in Group:
1. Please Post only bollywood relevant stuff,movie trailers,reviews,gossips & happenings.
2. No direct product selling or other non relevant posts.
3. Strictly No Promo Links of other groups or other pages as such post's we will straight away deleted
4. You are most welcome to post images ,website link and ticketing link etc.
5. All Post with links to other pages and groups will not be approved.
6. Bollywood Industry Service Providers : 1 Post a month.

all stuff related to
Political Gossips
Hate Speech
Network Marketing
Jobs Opening
Weight loss
Real estate or Property listing Post
Grocery or any product sales
Clothes and Garments Sale
Electronic Gadgets Sale etc
Training sessions
Home exhibitions
quick money
business ideas
Other Ponzy promo
we are sorry pls find relevant group.