Bomet County Political Forum

Summary of the Report from the office of Controller of Budget on Bomet County Government Expenditure:
1. During the period under review, the office of the governor used Ksh. 196,253,957 against the released amount of Ksh 35 million. This raises the question of where the extra Ksh. 161 Million came from as there is no proof of any approval from the county assembly. The used up amount represents 560.7% of the available money. There was also an illegal payment of Ksh. 122,000,000 (122 Million) made to the hire of Helicopter services which is against the PFMA Act, 2012.
2. Although the County had reported a development expenditure of Ksh. 65,457,470, the office of the controller of budget was not furnished with a list of projects to ascertain their status including tourism projects amounting to Ksh. 3,126,147.
3. The county secured a Bank overdraft facility amounting to Ksh 36.5 Million by September 2013. The overdraft was not used in a prudent and responsible manner and the same had not been sanctioned by the county assembly.
4. The County could not account for over Ksh. 50 Million collected in Revenues and the details of the accounts where the money was deposited was not disclosed.
5. Out of the Ksh. 29 million withdrawn from the LATF Account for onward transfer to the County Revenue Account, Only Ksh. 1 million reached the account. The county could not account for Ksh. 28 Million.
6. The County was unable to furnish the office with the whereabouts of Ksh. 867.5 Million inherited from the former councils. The Account had reflected a balance of only Ksh. 2 million.
7. The County operated four secret accounts contrary to the PFMA Act, 2012.
8. A total Amount of Ksh. 102 Million was reported to have been spent in support of Women and the Youth. However, cheques amounting to Ksh. 3,142,000 were drawn in favour of the groups while the rest was withdrawn as cash by county signatories.
9. The county did not act prudently by using Ksh. 223.2 Million out of a budget of Ksh. 450 Million in the Health vote to hire 31 ambulances.
10. An Amount of Ksh. 28 Million was withdrawn from Lavington Nairobi and deposited into four private accounts.