Ganashakti a daily organ of the Communist Party of India(Marxist), West Bengal State Committee, staunchly represents the people’s voice and true form of alternative Journalism. Ganashakti welcomes all the members of this group to accomplish the reading of news that truly represents common mass.

Newly elected West Bengal Govt is spreading terror all over the state. In order to suppress such news the WB Govt has approached certain Paid Media for help. The ultimate motive behind this move is to ensure that the common people are kept away from the fact - in the world of lies. Paid News is an industry that is run by few corrupt, dishonest & opportunist men. Such Paid News is a serious malpractice since it deceives the citizens. In short the present WB Government has mastered in the field of corruption and atrocities.

After the Left’s debacle in the state assembly elections 2011 a continuous conspiracy is in process to prevent the supply of Ganashakti in most parts of the state. Hence let us all take a collective responsibility to fight against this conspiracy, make Ganashakti available for the common people, and to ensure that correct news with the actual facts reach the people of Bengal.

NOTE:- Ganashakti Does NOT Control This Group.