The Bands Of YEG: Social Club

The Bands Of YEG is a project started early on in 2016 hosting e...vents in the city of Edmonton with local and touring acts.

We donate profits from our shows to various charitable organizations that directly help Albertans.

In 2016 we've been able to help impact The Edmonton Humane Society, YESS, The Neighbour Centre, Youth Restorative Action Project & The Red Cross (Fort MacMurray).

This group is for people in bands or people who follow bands & arts in the city. We keep it professional here but we encourage having a good time!

This group is for the doers and the observers. Take charge of the activities in your scene, help do something big!

Or sit back and watch.. show support through likes, conversation and sharing.

Here's where you can come to see/share what we're all doing in the city.