The Bulletproof Diet Support Group

I created this group is for people who are implementing the Bulletproof Diet concepts in their life and want to socialize with and support other likeminded individuals. We are not connected to Dave Asprey or the Bulletproof Executive website or team in any way, other than we are big fans and/or want to learn more. No selling or pitching other products or inviting people to your business page or other FB groups will be tolerated. All sales related posts will be deleted, as will inviting people to PM or inbox you for more information about a product/opportunity you sell/represent or in any way profit from links you post. While discussing different opinions and viewpoints is encouraged, it must always be done in a respectful manner. Trolling and outright personal attacks on another person will be deleted and the poster banned. Also, please do not use this group to advertise your blog/newsfeed/event etc. I may or may not warn you before removal.