Batu Pahat Exchange 峇株物物大交换

新会员必须到 按赞,然后加50个人进来后才能发帖,谢谢。欢迎大家来到峇株物物大交换,把你想要到的东西列出来,并且把你现有同等价值可以拿来交换的东西post上来,有图片为佳,目的是为了更好的利用资源和减少资源的浪费。大家如果有什么要交换的可以通过这个专页进行,所有的交换将通过此专页的管理者,以确保安全。此 Group 只供交换物品,其它的推销产品的帖将一律不被允许。
Welcome to Batu Pahat Exchange, state the thing that you want and the thing with similar value that you can exchange, preferably with photo. The purpose of thing group is to better utilize the things that you no longer need or want and exchange it with things that you need or want to reuse resources and to reduce wastage. For your own safety, please do not exchange things with any stranger, you can exchange things through the admin of this group.
Item must be in good condition. Please state your item specification and estimate value and state what you want to exchange for. This Group is only for exchange Goods, other post that promote products will not be allowed.