Brackley online car boot

Brackley online car boot is for anybody to sell and buy.Admin have NO input in any sales and all are at your OWN RISK!!!! Happy Selling/Buying x
Please only mobile users to post to wall all other pictures will be deleted without warning!!!!!
Also please no selling Tobacco products, Animals or firearms/Knives.
As a group we will also not tolerate the selling on of free items aquired from others or freecycle.Anyone found to be doing this will be Banned as will anyone thought to be traders.This is a local site for LOCALS!!!!!!
Any more than 10 posts bumped at one time will result in your posts being removed! No selling of items bought on here for a profit! Please give the first person to comment on the item a chance to reply yes or no, say 12 hours.
please no changing prices when people turn up to buy item!
Its not ebay so have a price in mind, thank you.If you pm a member about an item please can you right pm sent on the post, saves all the confusion as to who commented first!