Brand Ambassadors of Detroit

Brand Ambassadors of Detroit is a group set up for event marketing professionals in the greater Detroit area to connect about all things promotional.

The group's success is generated by an active membership of brand ambassadors, product demonstrators, hosts/emcees, trade show spokesmodels, tour managers, samplers, character entertainers, fitness models, DJs, and well as agents and other staffing professionals.

Please use the site to:
> Network with your colleagues
> Post work/tour opportunities in the surrounding area
> Inform others about positive relationships & experiences with reputable agencies and clients
> Staff for an upcoming event
> Arrange a carpool or shared lodging
> Share compliments, accolades, and fun experiences
> Ask Questions and Seek Advice

This group is voluntary and self-maintaining, and can be such a strong tool for each of its members to acquire opportunities and contacts in this industry. With that said, it is only as strong as its weakest member, so please be cautious in adding quality, reliable talent, so that staffing agencies who look here for ambassadors, know that they are searching a pool of only the best.

Thanks for being a part of Brand Ambassadors of Detroit.
See you at the event!