Get It Done Network

* This group is for Networking & Sharing, not for *business opportunities & recruiting.*

If a group member does not abide by our following guidelines, we may remove and/or ban this person from the group.

MUST READ - Get It Done Guidelines
Get It Done Guidelines with Brandy and Vinca

Thanks for joining in and supporting one another as you grow your business.

As your "Get It Done" Networking Leaders we'll help to keep you motivated, on track and share news of what we're up to.

As a "Get It Done" Networking Participant we ask that you follow the guidelines below about what may be posted in the group each day. You do not need to post each day, however do make sure when you do post - it fits for the day as outlined below.

You can jump in and comment and connect with other participants at any time. Be kind to new participants that may not realize the guidelines when they first come into the group.

Marketing Monday - post news of your preview calls, classes, courses, offerings and other marketing materials

Twitter Tuesday - post your Twitter name/url, ask for followers, share Twitter advice for networking

Welcome Wednesday - Say "Hi", connect with other participants, post an intro about who you are (no marketing message), welcome other participants, share your interests

Thank You Thursday - Share what's good in life, what are you grateful for, who can you thank, celebrate with the group

Facebook Friday - List your FB fan page, ask for likes, ask for friends, share advice for networking on Facebook

Sharing Saturday - Post blogs, pictures and videos related to business or personal life - make it fun

Set It Up Sunday - Share your intentions for the week with the group. What do you plan on getting done in the upcoming week. Support one another and create accountability.

This is largely a virtual business networking group and we'll share details as "Get It Done" Leaders for when we meet virtually or in person. Make it fun and most important - Get It Done!