Young women with Breast Cancer


Gentlemen PLEASE be aware that you will be blocked from this site as it is for women only. If you have breast cancer we suggest you contact Breast Cancer Network Australia

Please note: This group is strictly for women that have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer themselves (BEFORE THE AGE OF 50). Due to the sensitive nature of its content, any person that hasn’t directly experienced Breast Cancer will not be approved. If you would like to join this group, you MUST send a PM or email to an administrator listed below in order to be accepted. If we don’t receive this we will send you a private message via Facebook. Please keep an eye out for your messages especially your "other" message folder. If you don’t contact or reply to an admin when requesting to join then your request will be removed and you will need to re-apply in order to join.

Our contact details are: Tracey Ryan - [email protected] , Vicki Totsis - [email protected] or Christie Wood - [email protected] or Lauren [email protected]

Now for some background on the group; it was created by Sheree McLeod who after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer found that there was no private forum for young women who were diagnosed or had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Since the group began, it has guided and supported women from all around the world and continues to be a safe and private place to talk about anything and everything.

We ask that upon entry into the group, you are considerate and respectful to all members. If any member feels that content placed in the group is deemed offensive then please contact admin immediately. Most importantly, public slander toward another member is unacceptable. Admin will look into the matter and will decide whether it is reason to have your membership revoked.

Most importantly enjoy the company of wonderful women that are a huge support to all that have been diagnosed with GOD DAMN BREAST CANCER.

Love to all existing members and future members to come xxxooo