Bring Back Red Bar Radio!

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"Bring Back Red Bar Radio!", AKA "the Bring Back Group" for short, is a group that started in solidarity on the 5th of August, 2011, after the show that had given thousands of us constant laughter and enjoyment every week for years mysteriously VANISHED one day.
Website, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes feed... Everything was gone.
Lost and in complete disarray, like a city in blackout, a handful of dedicated listeners banded together to create a rallying point for everyone else out there who wanted answers, and to do whatever they could to see Red Bar Radio restored to its rightful place.
As the weeks went by, more and more people came to find us here, and finally, all the pieces to the puzzle, to the mystery that had been thrust upon us began to come together...

A former partner of Mike David (the show host) by the name of Kyle Lane had committed several serious crimes, both legal *and* human. With the help of miss Sahar Chavoshi, he effectively locked down every form of communication that Mike had to reach the public, and then proceeded to turn his sights on the comedians of Chicago. In a montage session of phone calls and over-the-table conversations, Kyle deceived almost everyone with claims of Mike having severe drug addiction and accusations of theft, and turned many people against him (even his own parents, but only briefly).
With everything now in place, Lane put into motion his "grand" scheme that he'd been planning in secrecy and silence for months behind everyone's backs: a hostile takeover.

It worked.

The "Red Bar Comedy Club" became the "Comedy Bar" almost overnight, and with Mike out of the picture, Kyle Lane became the sole owner. With that came the money, which now seems to have been the only true motive behind his actions. Greed can transform a man into a snake, if the man is only willing to let it fester and take over.

On Halloween 2011, in spite of everything that had happened, the radio show returned! And all the better for it! The show is now 5 days a week (up from 3, as it was before), and it's stronger than ever before, from every possible angle. Instead of relying solely on fickle comedians who whine too much to make the content, the LISTENERS now have as much a hand in shaping Red Bar's spirit and future as Mike himself does. It's organic and ever-evolving... as pure a community as there could be.

We now stand proud as the core of the hardcore fans of Red Bar Radio, as a symbol of freedom, and of pure comedy that can never be tarnished.