BRING BACK TOP OF THE POPS! it says on the tin

I really miss TOTP. I think it was a ...crying shame when the BBC removed our weekly slice of tunes from every Thursday evening. I'd say it's ready to come back

Apart from Rage Against The Machine, Lady Gaga, and Joe McElderry...can any of you name any other of 2009's chart-toppers on the fingers of one hand? EXACTLY! It should return...but the question what format(s)?

If I asked you the what age did you first watch the show? what would you answer? ...for the majority of people I've spoken to, the answer is at a very young age...8, 10, 12, or even younger. So there's a strong argument to put the show in an early evening slot. Some disagree...some say let's have a show for the youngsters, and a show for "us lot" that's a bit more album-based perhaps with a few retro clips's a potentially HUGE debate to be had...let's do it one way or another...

Let's bring back Top of the Pops!