Bring Kenai Home (a Diabetic Alert Dog for Tyler)

Tyler was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes on October 22, 2012, just a week before Halloween (and more importantly, Halloween candy.) He has been an inspiration to us for his positive spirit. No matter how many injections and finger sticks this disease throws at him, he never lets it get him down. He has embraced this disease and has taught us all a few lessons on how to not take life for granted. Tyler wears both an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that are inserted under his skin to help control his blood sugar. He, like all Type 1 Diabetics, still has high and low blood sugars that are dangerous to his health. Recently he has been having very severe low blood sugars which have resulted in grand mal seizures. For a diabetic, a seizure is your body's last way of communicating that there is a problem before death. It is something that we, and his 3 younger brothers, never want to witness again. It is our hope that by bringing Kenai into our home he will be able to smell the change in Tyler's body chemistry as his blood sugar is falling, and alert him to the change before he ever feels symptomatic. It is also our hope that you would consider donating even a small amount toward bringing Kenai home. He may be the furry hero that saves Tyler's life. - See more at:

We will be using the National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs. The quality of the dogs trained by Lily Grace and her associates is second to none. Her website can be viewed to learn more about these amazing furry lifesavers at

The breeder we have chosen with Lily Grace breeds British Golden Retrievers in Kenai, Alaska. The hometown of the breeder has become the namesake for Tyler's little hero. Their website can be viewed at