Brisbane Models

Welcome to Brisbane Models

ADMINS: Adam Chant, Tiffy Kirk, Luk...e Ballard, Beth Sheather, Ted Maddock, Teressia Weatherall & Norman Benecke.

This group is for those in the modelling industry to show their work, find other creatives and just generally discuss the industry. The good and the bad.

However, there are a few rules to adhere to:

1. Respect each other. No name calling, abuse, harassment, sexual harassment. We have NO tolerance for this and members will be removed for it. This is the only warning.
i. Only give criticism/constructive criticism/CC when it is requested by the poster.

2. No like chasing and No competitions. (Except for ones run by the group admin)

3. No Commercial TFP. If one gets paid, all should get paid. All team members are critical to making a shoot work. The argument of who adds more value is not for this group. You are all necessary in this industry.

4. Naming and shaming. If someone is harassing you in chat or on a post or there is someone out there that truly poses a risk to others, send an admin a personal message with details of whats happening. Screen shots of the conversation or post or whatever. We will decide from there about banning and putting out a warning.

5. MOST IMPORTANT: Be safe. Please be careful on every shoot. Chase references from people they have worked with. Google them. Take a chaperone to the shoot (if they aren't cool with that, don't go). Have someone check up on you or waiting for texts at different times. This industry does attract some bad people.

6. No for sale posts or posting your rates and specials. Just link to your page or website, advertise there.

7. Agencies posting for models to "sign up" are prohibited. Many agencies sign models and charge a fee, taking the money knowing a model loves the idea of being "agency signed". While this isn't all agencies, we want to stop these posts to protect from the ones that do this.

8. Anyone involved in inappropriate shoots with a minor will be banned from the group. Possibly reported to police.

9. Students chasing another creative for help on an assessment piece. You can only post if in the future you are willing to help that person with a shoot to return the favor and only if you are from a school that is meeting acceptable standards in the industry, including getting images back to everyone involved in a timely manner. ACADEMY of DESIGN students are prohibited from posting.

Admins may remove a member without notice. It will generally be for breaching the above or for showing character that does not benefit the group.

If you have an admin of the group blocked, you will be removed from the group.

ADMINS: If you have an issue with an admin of this group, please contact one of the other admins. Your information will be kept private and we will try and find the best resolution possible for the issue.