Brunel University Freshers 2014-2015

Congratulations! You have now received an offer of a place to study an academic programme at Brunel University for the 2014-15 session, and will be thinking about the practicalities of studying and living in London.

If you have an offer with Brunel Uni and are hoping to join us as a Fresher in September 2014, then join this group and start meeting other people who you'll be studying with! Here you'll also be able to hear more about student life at Brunel and find out about the community you can be part of when you join us!

Use this group as a forum to meet fellow students, discuss courses, and break the ice!

This Page will keep you updated on current events of Brunel University.

We all know University is about your degree, but its also a life experience you won't get again, so enjoy yourselves!

Now join your respective accommodation groups so you can meet the people you will be living with for the next year!

•• Hall Groups••:

•• Bishops Complex:

•• Lancaster Complex:

•• Faraday Hall:

•• Chepstow Hall:

•• Clifton Hall:

•• Saltash Hall:

•• Mill Hall:

•• Fleming:

•• Galbraith: