AKC Brussels Griffon U.S. & Canadian Show Dogs For Sale

ALLOWED: Listings for retired dogs, upcoming litters, stud dog search, available puppies & adults from reputable US & Canadian AKC show breeder/exhibitors only. Our required standards for a reputable breeder:
1. all dogs are registered only with AKC or CKC(Canadian Kennel Club). 2. each breeding is for improvement of the breed according to the AKC standard. 3. we use the very best quality dogs, free from known physical and mental defects. 4. no bitch should be bred before 18 months/her second season. 5. we will not sell a dog or breed to a bitch associated with a pet shop, broker, commercial breeder or a person buying the dog for resale. 6. all statements made here regarding a dog will be honestly made. 7. puppy/dog will have proper vaccinations for it's age & records supplied to buyer. By posting on this group you have agreed to above group standards as printed.