Buy, sell or swap in north somerset

Welcome to Buy Sell Swap North Somerset - The original, biggest and the best.

The Basics:-
No Debate Posts(***) - No Weapons - No Fakes - No Illegals - No Animals* - No GROUP Advertising - Bumps every 4 hours on six posts MAXIMUM - No Insults or slander - No Like Page Posts (****) No Blocking the Admin(s) - enjoy the group its here for you !

The Nitty Gritty:-
1. Avon, Ann Summers, etc are limited to one REP to the group at the time (they can be rotated for fairness) to avoid user annoyance. Please contact Admin first before posting. See (**) for approved rep list

2. Lost Persons are limited to people you are FACEBOOK friends with only

3. Health Pills are not allowed and everything else diet related has to be approved by the Admin's vetting and advice team, for two reasons; user safety and to prevent annoyance.

4. Community Posts are Welcome, especially when asking for advice. Insulting people and Local businesses are NOT welcome and there are Facebook groups better designed for this.

5. We don't like to BAN unless completely necessary, as we understand people don't always get along!

Please remember if someone is not in your FaceBook friends then usually any messages from them will appear in your OTHER messages, which if you click messages is in the top left is UNDERNEATH that in OTHER.

Dean Ancill
Tracey Maher
Tammie Hadley

(*) Lost animals can be posted providing you either own or are Facebook friends with the animal(s) owner. Animal Sales should be directed to a group we endorse as a more ethical place to sell -->

(**) Avon:- Leannes Nailsea Avon Page
Ann Summers - Kizzy Annsummers
No other approved REPs exist.

(***) Posts in-sighting debate (such as what can be allowed on this page) which will obviously end in an argument. The post which obviously isn't seeking assistance nor selling/buying.

(****) Like pages can be tagged in a post or can be tagged in a comment. Sole "like page" adverts, trying to boost "Likes" is not allowed!

Full set of rules can be found at:-