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Welcome to the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group! This group and its admins can not be held responsible if you see bubbles in your sleep.
We exchange game tips, tricks, concerns, tears and happiness.
The Website has level guides for ALL LEVELS!

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There is no hierarchy. Everyone is allowed at any time to contribute, unless specifically else stated. (These limitations are rare, but exists according third party apps and links) The best tips and hints will go on the website with proper credits to the tipper.

We are nice to each other! Insults are big violations and punishable. Gross profanities are not allowed and will be deleted. Using words with various symbols in the middle are acceptable. Your meaning is understood and shows respect to other members.

Clarify advertising for other groups/pages with the admins first. Members posting spam links to survey scams or "5000 FB Credits for free"-type scams can be removed.

Cheats and discussions about exploits for the game are not allowed.

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We do not have 24hr coverage here and this will also help with inappropriate posts being made in our absence.

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