lost and found dogs of Buckeye

BEING DUMPED IN THE DESERT!!! ANYONE ABLE TO GO HELP!!?? ***This woman stopped to help this abandoned dog out at Phoenix international Raceway two days ago. She took the dog home -bathed the dog -gave it a nice warm bed and because she couldn't find anyone to take the dog after one big whole day- she took the dog back to Phoenix international Raceway and left her there!!!!!!
I found out about it and was asked to help a day late and when I called her she told me what she did. I told her to get in her car and get back out there and pick that poor dog up immediately! She did and she's had the dog now since last night said that the dog must be gone today or she will take the dog back there yet again and drop her off. She says the dog is so sweet and loving and just wants to do right thing(lol) yet she took her and dumped her off yesterday and is threatening to do the same today. I think she is getting heat from her hubby. The dog is very sweet and loving when you approach her and she falls on her back, belly-up very submissively. She may have been abused but I am not sure. The woman's three little dogs went and attacked this sweet girl and she could've hurt them- but she didn't- she merely growled- so now the woman is frantic and has to keep them separated- and it's just way too much to ask of her!!! Must be picked up by 6!!!! I asked her why she even bothered to help her in the first place.
How scared, confused, and lonely she must've been back out there, being dumped yet once again. I also told the genius that a pack of Coyotes or have Javelina surely would Have killed her if a car didn't! Not to mention getting in the wrong hands of some monster!
Please Call me ASAP. She needs a place now.
Located in goodyear 623-388-7110