Bucks Property Meet Group - This facebook group aims to dovetail in with the property meets - we understand some people cannot make the property meet and still like to be part of the community ....

Please respect the rules of this facebook group which like the Bucks Property Meet has a sole purpose to share, connect and inspire people to succeed in property with sharing of information, key contacts, proven strategies and more.

Here are some general guideline but if you remember the FIRST RULE is ABC

Always Be Contributing !!!

A) adding lots of content - and don't assume it might not be helpful - even the most basic of knowledge or discovery will help someone somewhere - we all started from the same place - the beginning.

B) Be helpful - if like us you believe in Karma you will indeed benefit massively - it is a proven concept just remember, by giving you will gain at some point in the future - often when you least expect it.

C) Connections - sharing connection and individuals with a proven track record can help keep the group as safer an environment as possible -

Content as well is key, make sure if you see useful articles you re-post them, to help others.

D) You can post DEALS & LEADS etc but you must first contribute to the group by taking part in debates - keep these posts to a minimum.

E) Events - As D Above

F) Funny images and inspirational images or phrases again are accepted in moderation and can always help - you never know when someone is having a challenging day - so post away.

G) Group Rules - these are just a few rules to help the group work well - ideally if you contribute 80% of the time and add other items 20% of the time the FB Group will always add value to everyone in it - ENJOY.