Buddhist Wisdom Hall

Welcome to the Buddhist Wisdom Hall. We are a small Buddhist Community that sincerely would like to "Share to Learn and Learn to Share" about Buddhism Dharma regardless of any Buddhist Sect ones is believing in it. However, we sincerely encourage all our members be always Mindful as we enter into this Buddhist Wisdom Hall group with sincerity and holds Truthful of the Buddha & Bodhisattva Dharma Teachings.

Kindly refrain from posting unrelated and abusive articles as there are countless of seen and unseen Dharma Protectors watching us closely. Kindly not give rise to the Demons, Asuras, Evils Spirits and Evils of Axis seen and unseen.

We can also witness for ourselves or we may not even notice too how efficacious of the Wonderful Buddha Dharma if we encourage ourselves and others to Practice & Cultivate any one of the Eighty Four Thousand Dharma Doors to leave sufferings.

On the other hand, we shouldn't be complaining if we are being Ban from this Buddhist Wisdom Hall if we slanders the Buddha Dharma Teachings, slandering our sincere Brothers and Sister, slandering others Believers and Misbehavior. Buddhism had never emphasize being superior than any other religions or any other religions is superior than one another. Kindly leaves behind all our Pride, Arrogant and Not Proper Conducts before we sincerely enter into this Buddhist Wisdom Hall.

We encourage all the members to sincerely participate to give any reasonable and good advise, experience, problem solving methods to other members who sincerely needed our helps. We also encourage our sincere member to post any Good and Proper articles so that even to the slightest if we could be able to cross over one(1) member in this Buddhist Wisdom Hall is remarkable good deed in regards of it.

The Buddhist Wisdom Hall does not encourage members in this group to post our writings just for the sake of getting popular, many (Like) and favoritism with an intention of doing it, we must be sincerely at the best state of our mind with no "SELF".

The Buddhist Wisdom Hall sincerely wish and thoughtful of helping us to become as many Buddha and Bodhisattva as possible so that all of us will not regret about it in our future. As long as The Buddhist Wisdom Hall in existence or perishes shall not allow the Buddha & Bodhisattva Dharma Teachings to sink deeper into the Dharma Ending Age Era but to Blossom in every Dharma Petals, Flowers and bear plentiful of wonderful Fruits.

Thank you very much.

The Buddhist Wisdom Hall sincerely welcome you to Enter and Participate in the Buddha & Bodhisattva Teachings.

Amituofo! Amituofo! Amituofo! Peace is the Dharma!.