Beer Buddies

Beer Buddies - "The Group" to Ask & Share Anything and Everything about Beer & Liquor.

Please Avoid Following....

★ No Vulgarity

★ No Irrelevant Posts other than Liquor

★ No Political / Religious Posts

★ No use of Indecent Language

★ No Kids pictures with liquor

★★ No liquor pictures inside vehicles.... moving or stationery. .... Repeat, No liquor pictures inside vehicles

★ No Food Pictures Unless these are accompanied by Drinks or are taken at a Beer Buddies official Event

★ No PROMOTIONAL / COMMERCIAL POSTS (Please contact Admins to promote your Restaurant / Offers). Commercial messages are allowed as COMMENT in an ongoing discussion thread provided these are in-sync with topic. For example a Restaurant can post his own details / offers / links if someone has enquired for his type of bar or restaurant or product or services. However creating a separate commercial or promotional POST is strictly not allowed. (Please contact Admins for further clarification on this topic if required)

★ Sharing of posts from other Facebook Groups or Individuals is not allowed because of technical restrictions. Please copy / paste the Text or Link or Pictures instead of sharing them.

★★ Please maintain decorum of Group and respect for Ladies & other members. Spamming ladies with unwanted messages shall be treated with highest level of resistance and immediate removal / banning of member's name from Group.

Posts not complying with Group's guidelines shall be deleted without notice ASAP. Repeated attempts to violate guidelines shall result in removal / banning the member's name from Group.

Please share your views / suggestions so that these guidelines can be regularly updated for better.

Cheers & #BeerUpYourLife