Bully/Animal-Lover Friends

A group for Family, Friends, and Facebook Fans of all "Bully" breeds...and all of GOD's prescious creatures!

GOD has given us dominion over animals...with that comes the responsibility to be good stewards with their care and treatment!

I believe in positive advocacy - no extremists - no wishing of harm to those who would do harm to anyone or anything...it only makes us as bad as them!

Please be respecful of a mixed audience (i.e. youngsters, etc.) - no need for nasty or violent language, etc.

Feel free to send me your thoughts and concerns.

Thanks for your interest, consideration & support!

Take care & God bless!
~Kimm }:oP

Admin: Kimm Oswald,
"Bully" (and Kitty) Parent; Animal Lover/Advocate/Enthusiest [email protected]