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A forum where Bunts from across the globe just hang out and catch up on the happenings in the Bunts World! The main purpose of BUNTS COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE is to create awareness among the younger generation of the community about its history and rich cultural heritage.Our goal is to make this Community Page the best collection of shared knowledge on this topic. Members may upload pics & notes if they wish. Look here for daily events and photo exclusives. All Bunts are welcome to join this group. Spread the word, send out invites to all your bunt friends and make sure they join us. Our group has to grow bigger & faster than the others.

Mission :

1.To create awareness among the younger generation of the Bunt Community about its History & Rich Cultural Heritage.

2.To promote and preserve our mother tongue the Tulu Language.

3. To bring together all the Bunts to explore their sense of identity.

4. To revive the Bunt culture for the future generations.

5. It welcomes anyone willing to join us in this pursuit.

6. You are encouraged to view the site and to share what you learn with others.

7. Anyone from any part of the world can join this group.

8. Share your opinions and ideas with us.

9. Please help to spread our message.Thank you!

█ 100 members √ DONE
██ 200 members √ DONE
███ 300 members √ DONE
████ 400 members √ DONE
█████ 500 members √ DONE on April 26, 2010
██████ 600 members √ DONE on May 3, 2010
███████ 700 members √ DONE on May 9, 2010
████████ 800 members √ DONE on May 20, 2010
█████████ 900 members √ DONE on June , 2010
██████████ 1000 members √ DONE on June 12, 2010
███████████ 1100 members √ DONE on June 29, 2010
████████████ 1200 members √ DONE on Aug 6, 2010
█████████████ 1300 members√ DONE on Sept 15, 2010
██████████████ 1400 x SOON

Follow the steps correctly to join:

1. >> CLICK on "Become a Fan"

2. >> CLICK on "Invite people to join" on the left below the image on the BUNTS COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE wall!

3. >> SELECT all your Bunt friends in the box to invite by clicking on their picture.

4. >> CLICK on send invitations and you're done!

Thanx for your support!