Burning Man Classifieds

This group is provided by and for the Burning Man community to engage in the untidy, but sometimes necessary, commodified exchanges that happen in the Real World™. We are not affiliated with the festival but are inspired by it.

Want to sell something? Give us your best pitch. Trying to fund an art installation at Burning Man? Tell us about it. Need a new roommate, or a job, or a car, or a ride-share, or some exotic materials for your art? Try us. You are even allowed to flat out beg on behalf Burning Man related activities or projects if you think your shameless pandering will be worthy enough to garner some meager donations.

Anything related to buying or selling tickets will be removed. We will also delete without hesitation anything that is perceived as MLM pyramid schemes / scams, obvious attempts to market goods or services from outside our community, blatant trolling, snarky remarks, idle discussions and useless commentary. Similarly, do not post any events unless they are directly burner related (i.e., a decompression, regional event, theme camp or art installation benefit event). Almost everything else is fair game, however you may expect the admins to use their best editorial judgment in sorting the wheat from the chaff and sometimes the result may not agree with your opinion. Tough luck -- shut it and move along. ;)

You should realize that this is a worldwide group. If you post a rental ad, for instance, then we need to know where it is located. Not necessarily the specific intersection, but certainly the city and State (or Province, etc.). Do consider whether your post would be better suited in one of the many regional Facebook groups rather than this one. Lastly, try not to make extra work for the admins, or we may take down your post. Post once and ~bump~ it with a new comment. Multiple posts may be removed with or without notice.

There may also be a more specific forum available for your post --
Jobs For Burners ::
Homes For Burners ::
-- or even one of the more specific 'Radical Housing : AREA' groups that are being set up, e.g. 'Radical Housing: Bay Area' ::